“The most comprehensive Corporate Spinoff research in the World”

Our 10 Year Study with Deloitte indicates that, on average, investing in Corporate Spinoffs offers enormous potential for creating shareholder wealth

Spinoff Report / Deloitte – 10yr Study of Corporate Spinoffs, 2012
(TSR) is the World’s
leading pure and pre-event research specialist on
Corporate Break-Ups (Spinoffs)

The Reasons to Choose TSR (Returns: 4x S&P500 in 6yrs*)

The Spinoff Report® (TSR) is the Global leading pre-event investment research specialist on Corporate Break-Ups (Spinoffs). Est. 2005, TSR was founded by fund management & investment banking professionals to provide high quality, private-equity level research on Global Corporate Divestitures for the benefit of fundamental event-driven, growth and value oriented investors in this difficult to track, but proven investment space.

Jim Osman, CEO

Jim has been in the securities industry for over 20 years. His previous roles included portfolio manager of a London based special situations fund focusing exclusively on Spinoffs; portfolio manager at a highly regarded specialized equities and derivatives hedge fund based in Chicago, and an equities and derivatives trader at one of the largest French banks.

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Ryan Mendy, COO

With 15 years experience both as an analyst and in corporate broking with institutions such as WestLB, Goldman Sachs and Numis Securities, he has been responsible for developing the firm’s unique investment research edge and idea generation, servicing its global fund management and family office client base. Ryan’s role is focussed on service and delivery, ensuring clients get only the latest top idea flow.

What is Our Edge and Why Are We Different?

  • Extensive Expertise. Management consist of a successful portfolio manager with vast experience of running real money in a Special Situations Spinoff strategy combined with corporate marketing and equity research. Directing the analysis and team to unearth where the value lies in every Spinoff. Giving an expert opinion. Not a non-Spinoff-experienced analyst’s view of it. It’s all we do, so we have a natural superior edge to add with the experience. Clients are also backed-up daily by our specialist and proven Global Research Team. The same outperforming team have been together from day one.
  • Outperforming Model Portfolio. We put our recommendations to the test and put our high conviction calls into something we as a firm can be made accountable for continuously when summarizing our value add. A extremely rare quality and exposure to source amongst Street analysts. We live or die by what we say.
  • Thorough, Complete, Unrivaled Product and Analysis. The product is extremely vast and extensive and we monitor each Spinoff from announcement, following each filing, insider trade and change in fundamental to actual event and then afterwards. Our analysts have the knowledge on how the event happens, not just on a simple sum of the parts calculation like most do. We believe there is so much more to it.
  • Unique Analysis from a Specialist. We analyze the deep fundamentals, the technicals and price movements based on potential forced buyers and sellers, as well as Insider history (directors) and their crucial incentives. We use our experience to make informed investment recommendations. Most importantly and above all else, we use the FACTS. We recognize that whatever noise is out there and barring fraudulent internal corporate activity, price will ultimately equal value as long as our assumptions are correct. Our track record proves they have been.
  • Total Transparency and Communication. Our clients are why we have a business. We never forget it. We try our hardest to keep them. We can only do this by timely, informative, factual and correct information. Our analysts call clients only with what is interesting. We discount the fluff.
  • Complete Worldwide Coverage. We cover the Global arena. We analyze more Spinoffs, more concisely and deeper than anyone else according to our clients. We do not miss or gloss over deals. Most importantly, they are timely and give as much room to react as possible. This is not found with a generalist

6 Year Track Record / Our Investment Recommendation History

We are the leading investment research specialist in the world that fully captures, analyses and actively advises on Global Corporate Demergers …Spinoffs

From Dec 2007 (inception date), our research recommendations and holdings have outperformed every major global index by at least 2x. As we specialize in fundamental, deep value situations, it has beat the Global HFR Event Driven Index by +96%
Our TSR Model Portfolio:
Reported monthly, it is based on our recommendations from the pre-event analysis we provide to our notable clients around the globe purely on Spinoffs…

  • Corporate Break-Up
    • Fundamentals: What is the reason behind the Spinoff? Where, if any, is value created?
    • Technicals: How will the split affect the movement of each stock? How to quantify it?
    • Insiders: Who are the insiders? What is their history and will the incentives be positive for the share price?
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  • Our Focus…

    • When companies divest or demerge, they don’t often like to shout about it, let alone make a huge deal of announcing their intentions, and thus can prove very difficult to source.
    • With our extensive network and team, we both analyse and deliver our clients the most factual and timely information, ahead of event.
    • Our analysis is straight talking, factual and concentrated from an ‘event’ point of view. Not just another ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ note from a Wall Street analyst.
    • Invest with the insiders, not the masses! Our analysis focuses on the hidden value in any company; Directors Dealings. Researched since inception, plus pre and post Spinoff; both tracking and analysing the insiders’ [the Directors’] dealing movements and their intentions?
    • Our internally layered structure of CFA analysts provides a distinct advantage when it comes to understanding the complex nature of Corporate Spinoffs. Providing our clients with research and advice that truly updates and positions them with an ability to make an informed and arbitraged investment decision.
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