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We are the leading pure specialist in the World that tracks and analyses Global Corporate Break-Ups …Spinoffs. Founded in 2005 by Jim Osman, the company has become the leading authority in the analysis of corporate divestitures.

The Spinoff Report® has no allegiances, and therefore gives a full and unbiased account of each situation.

Jim’s role is to oversee and direct the analysis and subsequent high-conviction decisions, making sure that the analysis is geared bottom-up to the actual situation from a pure investment view. Jim has been in the securities and fund management industry since the early 1990’s.Prior to founding The Spinoff Report®, Jim was a portfolio manager of a London based special situations fund focusing exclusively on Spinoffs. Before that, a portfolio manager at a highly regarded specialized equities and derivatives hedge fund based in Chicago, and an equities and derivatives trader at one of the largest French banks. His added value is that the analysis is geared towards ‘real situations’ from private equity level that hedge funds and money managers have to evaluate and deal with. Not just a buy or sell-side analyst’s view of them. Jim studied Investment Management at The London Business School.

Ryan Mendy, COO


Ryan is responsible for the firm’s new business and marketing divisions. Ryan works alongside Jim Osman managing the full research production, ensuring the company’s clients base is fully abreast of every relevant corporate break-up (Spinoff). As a world first, in association with Deloitte, Ryan also co-authored/produced The Spinoff Report’s extensive Study on Corporate Spinoffs. With 15 years experience both as an analyst and in corporate broking with institutions such as WestLB, Goldman Sachs and Numis Securities, he has been responsible for numerous IPO and equity fund raisings and marketing roadshows. Since 2008, having advised on over 200 Corporate Spinoffs from every sector and market cap globally, Ryan is responsible for developing the firm with Jim; growing its renowned investment research edge, idea generation and servicing its global asset management and family office client base.


Nitin Balwani, Chief Analyst

Nitin has over 20 years of investment analysis experience. He is the senior team leader for the analysts, helping them bring out unique insights in every Spinoff situation and works closely with Jim on a daily basis. His main role is to oversee and finalise the analysis as well as keeping a current and contemporary theme appropriate with today’s fast changing environment.  Nitin works with Jim and in evaluating the client feedback to continually improve the content. Nitin has a MBA and a PhD in Finance.



The Global Research Team

Our unique analysis of Spinoffs is geared purely from an event point of view. We have six full-time investment research analysts and associates specializing in analysing Spinoff situations with more than 20 years of Spinoff analysis experience between them.

The Spinoff Report believes it’s not only the forward looking analysis that is important,  but the continuous analysis of the facts that have historically happened that will help generate ideas and focus the team on the key factors that separate value generating ones from the value destroying ones. To complement their understanding, the analysts also have access to a network of resources with specific sector and geographical expertise. Each member of the team has a minimum of a financial MBA and either have or are studying their CFA.


  • Management buy shares for one reason, but how good historically have they been in accurately predicting future returns for their share price?

    Jim Osman, CEO, The Spinoff Report
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  • Study Highlights…

    • If share price performance is the hands-down measure of investment, then one year post demerger, our analysis finds that Parent and Spinoff entities have generated greater value for shareholders than the major indices over the same period.
    • The outperformance exhibited by Parent companies grows over the demerger preparation time frame,and as the Spinoff date approaches. Parent companies achieved an average share price appreciation of 20% six months after Spinoff announcement vis-a-vis 3% return one month after announcement, as the investor and analyst community began to realize the value creation potential of the Spinoff.
    • Based on market capitalization, our analysis of Parent performance shows that gains in mid-cap companies are higher than large caps and small caps (an average return of 37% one year after the demerger, compared to a 17% and 0% (zero) average return for companies with market caps greater than $5billion and less than $1billion respectively).

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