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Unique Pre-Event Analysis of US, EU & Global Spinoffs

The Spinoff Report delivers clients a complete and specialist quality of research analysis. Providing extensive analysis & conviction on both the Corporate Parent and the Spinoff entity, prior to event.


  • Announcement – The Spinoff Report will communicate and alert the client on every publicly announced Spinoff over a certain market capitalization size and traded volume. From this point we produce an idea of valuation, expressions from analysts and general overview of the expected situation and outcome.
  • Lead up to Event – The situation is monitored, tracked for valuation changes, general newsflow and major changes in fundamentals whereby which clients are informed. A Conviction Note is produced as early as possible with a solid view on the Parent and Spinoff entity. It is here where we are made fully accountable. A full and extensive break up report looking deep into the fundamentals of the company as well as the technical implications of the stock on Spin and the key management and insiders is produced always way ahead of the event. This is further followed up by calls from our sales team.
  • Post Event – The Spinoff Report will monitor and track the Spinoff company for two consecutive quarters or further where it’s a Model Portfolio constituent, and then coverage will continue.

For Institutional Investors… We have 3 Full Service offerings:

The Offering Includes:

  • TSR Alerts
  • Weekly News Digest
  • Weekly Idea Generator
  • Top Ideas
  • Monthly Spinoff Calendar
  • Early Wire Note
  • Conviction Note
  • Full Break-Up Analysis


  • Spinoff Updates
  • Insider Company Updates
  • Model Portfolio + Continual Analysis of Holdings
  • Spinoff Studies
  • Analyst Backup
  • Regular Updates From The Team


For the Nimble Investor… We have TSR Lite:

TSR Lite is an affordable and unrivaled monthly paid subscription newsletter which includes:

  • Monthly Calendar of Events
  • Latest News in the Spinoff Space
  • Multiple Idea Generation on Current Spinoffs
  • Monthly Spotlight Analysis of Key Value Spinoff
  • Model Portfolio & Detailed Performance
  • All Conviction Call Holdings
  • Commentary by Jim Osman, Founder, PM

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Our Full Spinoff Analysis Service

Full Analysis (Parent and Spinoff) – Always produced before the event
We take a Deep-Value/Private Equity style approach to our analysis.

Structured into three core segments:

Fundamentals: Detailed analysis of Parent and Spinoff entity.

Technicals: Valuations of both entities pre and post split. Detailing our DCF, LBO and comparative peer valuations, including relative and external forces, while focusing on identified index moves, highlighting any forced sellers and buyers.

Insiders: Unique to us, each research report will cover all recent activity regarding insider, i.e. directors’ dealings, focusing on the new management employee contracts and incentive plans to grow the company, including their options and what they are priced at.

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Spinoff M&A Advisory Division

We can offer a fully commercial, unique advisory service from the Worlds #1 specialist in this area.

With our M&A and corporate finance team, we can offer full advisory on disposal of non-core assets, as well as full breakup analysis across all industry sectors and geographical regions from acquisitions through to raising capital. We can also help you to restructure the asset base of your business by helping to and ultimately disposing of underperforming sections or non-core parts of the business.

With our extensive specialist background in corporate breakups, our edge is experience, independence and the nimbleness to act quickly and accurately within a tight budget, all of which larger M&A advisory firms fall extensively short on.

We have worked with large cap as well as small capitalisation firms on the following:

  • Break-Up Analysis – is your company worth more separate than whole?
  • Demerger & Merger Integration – How will the parts separate or join together in the most efficient way?
  • Shareholder & Investor Relations –The ability to improve and increase the successful commercial awareness of the transaction
  • Identification of Underperforming Assets – Which parts are holding your company back?
  • Asset Sales – Finding a buying for the underperforming asset
  • Raising Capital – Our extensive network can help finance new exciting ideas

Please email Jim Osman as key contact

  • Our factual based studies combined with our deep value based fundamental analysis of the situation enable the client to make an informed timely investment decision

    Jim Osman, CEO, The Spinoff Report
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  • Spinoff Catalysts…

    • When companies divest or demerge, they don’t often like to shout about it. There is nothing new or surprising here; many company divisions have been historically growing at comparable rates in revenue or profitability. As such, when multi-division firms or holding companies evolve and business horizons, outlooks and/or differing market forces make a potential improvement in shareholder clarity attractive (e.g. better/clearer valuation), a reason to break-up emerges.
    • Valuation - Investors and shareholders alike prefer to see clarity in a stock’s numerous valuations and likewise have any conglomerate discounts exposed. In a number of cases, activist shareholders creep in to become the intelligent catalyst or proxy, sometimes they may even gain a seat on the board. Segmental accounting and tracking stocks do not always add enough value for shareholders, thus creating a core rationale to fully separate a business division.
    • Tax advantages – Depending on future plans, Spinoffs can be used to avoid substantial capital gains tax for the US parent. This is because the issuing of new shares means that no tax is payable if the company is not further disposed of /sold off within two years of the effective demerger date.

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